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index.php 問題,請幫幫忙 !!

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2011-09-22 11:33 #20890 來自 timz800i
timz800i created the topic: index.php 問題,請幫幫忙 !!
After I upload XAMPP to webhost account.

It turns out <--- usually it doesn't appear at the end.
When I type , it only appear "it works !" two words on the screen.
I have to manually add "index.php" to get back to the home page.

Anyone can tell me how to get rid of the index.php ?

many thanks

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2011-09-22 20:28 #20897 來自 羽城君拉
羽城君拉 replied the topic: index.php 問題,請幫幫忙 !!
1.rename the "index.html"(or index.htm) to another name like "index12345.html".
or delete index.html(or index.htm).

2.config your apache httpd.conf file(if can):
"DirectoryIndex" value, let "index.php" be the first one.


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