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Mambo4.5.2與SMF1.0.1+整合(Mambo-SMF Integration)

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2005-03-22 22:13 - 2005-03-22 22:58 #170 來自 landry
landry created the topic: Mambo4.5.2與SMF1.0.1+整合(Mambo-SMF Integration)
Mambo-SMF Integration v.1.0 Released! (SMF-Bridge 3.02 based)
此元件雖非SMF-Bridge官方所發佈,但安裝較SMF-Bridge 3.02方便,亦修正了一些SMF-Bridge 3.02的Bug。
下載Mambo-SMF Integration

In A Nutshell:

1. One component to handle all configurations.
2. Revised login module.
3. New SMF Package to modify SMF files.

NOTE: We did not work with the original author of SMF-Bridge so we cannot version it as SMF-Bridge 3.03. There were just too many files modified and a couple of logic changed to be considered an update of SMF-Bridge. Unless the original author takes this and make it as version 3.03. Please use as-is.

Changes from the original SMF-Bridge:

1. Simplified installation process.(安裝簡單)
2. Simplified single component.(單一元件)
3. Revised login module with added configuration options.
4. New SMF package to apply mods to SMF files.(使用SMF package來修改smf檔案)
5. Re-organized code.
6. Fixed all SEF issues.
7. Fixed update profile.
8. Implementation of re-send activation link through SMF.

1. Install SMF Forum on the same database as Mambo.
2. Install component. Do not configure it yet until you have installed everything.
__(安裝 元件。在所有要安裝的完成前,先不要在後台對com_smf元件作設定。
3. Install mod_mambo_smf_login module.
4. Install using your SMF Package Manager.
__(以管理者登入SMF論壇並進入管理後台-->外掛管理-->下載程式外掛-->上傳程式外掛 : 瀏覽 -->
上傳完成後 -->瀏覽外掛-->安裝
5. Configure the component and module.
6. Edit index.php of your template file and insert the following lines before the "</head>" tag:
<?php global $sc, $context; if (!defined('SMF')) { [code]<?php
global $sc, $context;
if (!defined('SMF')) {

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2006-03-22 01:29 #1937 來自 jcmax
jcmax replied the topic: Mambo4.5.2與SMF1.0.1+整合(Mambo-SMF Integration)

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